Monday, 9 November 2009

Party Season Approaches - "Bag" Yourself A New Clutch for Your Classic Little Black Dress!

Well, its Monday dinnertime and rather than sit down in front of It Takes Two with my dinner on my lap, I thought I would begin my blog! Essentially the plan is to document the random ideas, inspirations, thoughts and (to be honest and less pretentious!) ramblings of a twenty-something handbag designer/maker from Bournemouth.
And what better way to start something new than with my new collection for Winter and the upcoming party season!
I launched it (well I say "launched" but basically I just put them on my table to sell for the first time, no celebrities sipping champagne!) on Saturday, and its entitled "Fair Lady Ascot" drawing inspiration from the costumes in the Ascot scene in "My Fair Lady". I've been wanting to do this since I first started designing bags in 2008, so I've been collecting and saving scraps of black & white fabric for over a year now and it feels great to finally begin realising my vision for this collection!
I'm a little nervous about it as it truly represents my point of view as a handbag designer, so I'm really putting myself out there with it. My other designs represent a variety of styles aiming to reach a wide audience of women and whilst they have quirky details and features aplenty, are a little bit, for lack of a better word, "safe".
The range of evening bags in the "Fair Lady Ascot" collection are complete one-offs and will hopefully appeal to a wide range of women, especially those who favour the classic little black dress, and will be the statement party accessory for Christmas and New Year without breaking the bank!
With a strap that you can tuck inside so it's a clutch, the bags are lined with a zip pocket to keep all your vital party essentials in - lip gloss, phone, purse, keys and the emergency safety pin (great for costume malfunctions) and all sorts!
I've began with 6 and so far the reception has been great, I've sold one, one's in a shopfront in Poole as part of the Creative Cabins scheme, and I've been receiving plenty of compliments, so hopefully in the next couple of weeks there'll be plenty more to choose from!I guess that wraps up the first installment of the Mad Bagger Blog - I'd love to hear feedback regarding the "Fair Lady Ascot" collection, or anything handbag-related really, or anything I guess ;-)
Hope it's been an interesting read....
Have a nice day!

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