Friday, 8 April 2011

Folksy Friday - Needle in a Haystack

To continue my theme of sewing box essentials, I present these darling needle books by talented Folksy Folk.  It's another item I couldn't do without, I have a handmade one a friend created for me stuffed with needles and bits & bobs I don't want to lose. I think the selection I have chosen has charm and originality, I hope you think so too!
Enjoy the sunshine!!


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Online Shop Launch - Thursday 7th April 2011 12pm

Okay, so I can barely feel my fingers, and I'm looking out of the window at a beautiful blue sky, a beautiful spring day which is almost over, and I haven't yet been outside!  But it's all worth it, I think....
My online shop is almost full to busting with my handmade products, from tea towels and noticebords, to handbags, and owls, owls and yes, more owls!
I've never had so much stock and therefore never had so much to load onto my shop.  The old me would have re-prioritised and procrastinated and avoided at all costs the long, labourious and soul-destroying task that is documenting and listing products for an online shop, but instead I have knuckled down and gotten on with it. With minimal complaining I might add! (Except for now, of course!)
Obviously there have been tea breaks, snack breaks, washing up breaks (warms my hands up!) and the occasional visit to Facebook (I just spent 10mins documenting how many of the 500 best ever movies I've seen. (252 if you're interested!) but overall I've been rather diligent!
So pop on over, check out all the goodies, and treat yourself!